Private Practice Start-Up Consultation

**New** Group rates available! Book one session for two people for $160 per person (20% discount); contact me for discounted rates for 3+ people.

I opened my private practice in March 2015, about one year after becoming licensed as a mental health counselor.  I was working a full-time job at a treatment center, so I began working just one evening a week at my practice.  After one year, I made the transition from part-time to full-time private practice, and found this process both challenging and incredibly rewarding. I began offering Private Practice Start-Up Consultation services in 2018 and, as of mid-2022, I have helped over 50 clinicians open their own practices. I am passionate about offering support to those looking to work for themselves and expand their clinical experience.

I offer consultation for licensed therapists looking to open their own private psychotherapy practice in Massachusetts – either part-time or full-time.  My consultation includes:

  • Paperwork templates to use with clients & for record-keeping
  • Zoom meetings to address any questions you may have
  • Guidance re: setting fees and navigating billing & insurance (You do not need to hire someone to do this for you each week!)
  • Advice about marketing yourself and securing a referral network
  • Recommendations for specific business platforms (e.g. electronic health record, payment systems, website, HIPAA-secure email, phone, and fax services)
  • Support finding a practice location

My rate for this service is $200 per session, typically 45-55 minutes in length. Please contact me directly for more information or to schedule a free initial phone consult to help you determine if I can be of service to you. (See above for group rate info.)

Recommended Platforms (plus discount codes!):

Click here to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Simple Practice (an all-inclusive electronic health record + telehealth platform) + $150 credit if you sign up following the trial.

IvyPay: HIPAA-compliant app specifically designed for therapists to accept payments. The fee for IvyPay is much lower than other similar services: Click here to sign up and get $1000 in fee-free charges!

Google Workspace: Sign up for HIPAA-compliant email and phone services; click here for my unique referral link and contact me directly for a referral code for 10% off your first year.

Interested in a WordPress website for your business or blog? Click here for a $25 credit!


“After finishing my licensure as a psychologist, I knew I wanted to open a small private practice, but had no idea where to start. The process felt opaque and a bit overwhelming. Erika was able to immediately reassure me that this was do-able, and in our first meeting we organized a task list in chronological order and talked about how to approach each step. She gave me the direction and concrete ‘how-to’ information I needed, and she was available for consultation if I ran into any obstacles along the way. The list included important things I hadn’t thought about, and might have missed if I’d tried to approach this on my own. The fact that Erika is also a working mom navigating private practice life was a huge bonus; we were able to connect about some of the complexities of balancing career with having young kiddos. On top of that, her rate was extremely reasonable, especially since the guidance she provided was truly invaluable. I have and will continue to recommend her to any of my colleagues looking to open a private practice.” -Sunny Dutra, Ph.D.

“I had been thinking about opening my own small, part-time private practice for a while and didn’t know where to start until I found Erika! She helped me prioritize my to-do list, sent example paperwork (privacy practices, intake forms, screeners, consent for treatment, etc… that I still use) and guided me on how to build a website, how to file for my LLC, setting rates, finding the best liability insurance,  etc… I couldn’t have done it without her. She truly cares about my success and I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Jen Fletcher, LMHC, SAC

“To me, the idea of opening my own practice felt daunting at first. The first time I met with Erika, I felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t even know what questions to ask! Within our first meeting, Erika helped me organize my ideas, conceptualize a plan, and make a to-do list. By the end of our first coaching session I went from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and empowered. Now, only three months after my initial meeting with Erika, I have successfully launched my own practice. I truly can not imagine having done this without the guidance and support I received from Erika. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her.” -Maggie Archibald, LMHC of Archibald Counseling, LLC

“Meeting with Erika gave me the confidence I needed to leave my agency job and start my private practice. In addition to business tools and checklists, she also provided marketing insights, networking tips, and even pep talks when my morale waned. I am well on my way to having a full practice and could not have done it without her guidance!” –Cori Taitz, LMHC, PMH-C

“The year 2020 has been challenging for a lot of small business owners. I courageously decided to start my private practice this year and Erika helped me every step of the way. She directed me to resources to find referrals, explained billing, and reviewed important factors of becoming credentialed with insurance companies. There is a mountain tall list of tasks needed to launch a private practice. Having her experience and reassurance throughout the process made a huge difference! I strongly advise those looking to start a private practice to have a trusted and reliable person to make the process smoother. Erika is awesome.” –Danielle St. Jacques, LMHC

“Talking with Erika was just what I needed to take the steps necessary to start my private therapy practice. At first, I needed to process my worries, imposter syndrome, and ambivalence about starting a practice. She provided space for that processing and helped me to feel ready. Then, she provided the practical tools, tips, and concrete steps that I could check off of a list. This all helped me to move forward in the right direction and launch my practice!” –Julia Perriello, LMHC

“I had the pleasure of working with Erika for coaching, and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to start a private practice in the mental health field. Erika was integral in the early stages of starting and building my private practice, and I know that she helped me to avoid many of the typical pitfalls of starting a new business! Erika is very personable in sharing her own experience of working in the field, and I felt that she genuinely wanted me to succeed every step of the way. She even found an office for me in the Boston area after I had been searching on my own without any luck. I have already recommended her to colleagues who are interested in starting their own private practice, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work with her.” –Jennifer Brindley, LMHC

“Erika’s coaching services were incredibly valuable during my transition from working at a group practice to starting my full-time private practice. The administrative and financial aspects of managing a private practice were very new to me. Erika provided thorough and valuable insight and helped me get clarity on many aspects around starting my private practice. In addition, Erika was kind, supportive and encouraging throughout our coaching sessions. At the end of our coaching sessions I felt confident, prepared and ready to start my practice. I highly recommend Erika’s coaching services to any therapist looking for support around making the transition to private practice.” –Michelle De Sedas, PsyD

“When I began thinking about starting a private practice, I had a lot of questions about paperwork, insurance, office space, and many other details. There were many moving parts, and it was difficult to think about what to prioritize and how to ensure I wasn’t overlooking anything important. Working with Erika provided me with incredibly helpful guidance as I began thinking about opening a private practice. She helped me think about my skills as a therapist, and how to use my skill set in the context of a private practice. She has vast knowledge on the insurance credentialing process, and offered unique and creative ways to structure paperwork in my private practice. When I think back on starting my private practice, it’s hard to imagine navigating this process without her support. She is knowledgeable, generous, and has a tremendous ability to recognize a therapist’s skill set and help them translate these skills into a private practice that can provide meaningful services for a wide range of populations.” –Robert G. Hasson, LICSW

“Erika’s coaching was invaluable as I started my private practice. While many other therapists expressed support and encouragement, Erika was the only one to provide practical guidance on how to navigate the complex process of starting my own business. She helped me learn how to market myself and the practice, including how to find a niche for myself in the market. Erika demystified the insurance process and guided me through how to set my rates and payment policies. She provided support and technical assistance in developing contracts and paperwork for clients. Erika’s coaching not only taught me how to open my own practice, but provided insight that empowered me to confidently go out on my own.” –Anna Poss, LCPC

“Entering the private practice world has always seemed daunting and unclear, and with Erika’s guidance and support I was able to take the leap.  Erika’s energy and openness created an exciting learning atmosphere, where she catered her information and resources to meet my  personal needs.  She gave me resources and examples that I still use!  Her mentorship empowered me to believe in the service I was providing to others for the rate that was appropriate to charge.  Since receiving this start-up coaching she has also been accessible for questions that have been coming up as I continue in my private practice.  Her support has really made starting my own business possible.”  – Amy Allison, LMHC

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